About FIPFA World Cup 2007

The first ever Powerchair Football World Cup will be held this Fall in Japan.

Dates: 7th (Sunday) - 14th (Sunday) October 2007
Venue: BumB Tokyo Sports-Bunka kan
3-2 Koto-ku, Yumenoshima, Tokyo, Japan
Hosted by: Japan Powerchair Football Association

About Powerchair Football

It is a football played using powerchairs. Court size is the same as that of basketball. With four players on each team, a total of eight players are in a pitch during a game. You will be fascinated by the speedy run (10 km/h), passes and shots!

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Messages from supporters

vol.25 Mr. Yasuyuki Kishino
Head coach for Sagan Tosu

vol.24 Levir Culpi
Cerezo Osaka head coach

vol.23 Spolyngman
from Spolym.jp

vol.22 Yasuto Honda
Football commentator.

vol.21 Tatsuya Mochizuki
Begaruta Sendai head coach

Head coach of Nagoya Grand pass eight

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Spolyngman is coming!
Hi to everybody from all over the world. My name is Spolyingman from Spolym, the SNS (Social Networking Service) for sports lovers. I will be presenting the FIPFA World Cup 2007 to the world!

Another World Cup for world cuisine in Tokyo. In this column, we introduce foods of six countries national teams are representing. Check out each country with the taste first. Restaurants where you can enjoy the food can also be found right

World cup supporting messages
Here are messages from people supporting Powerchair Football World Cup.

Diary of the national team written by a national team candidate.
This is a camp training report by the powerchair football player who is a candidate for the national team and aspires to be a sport journalist.

We support FIPFA World Cup Japan October 2007!